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Advertising signboards


We produce a great variety of plane signboards. Of course, certain materials are used in the production of each article. The assortment of materials is wide as well as the range of their prices, which determine the quality and the durability of the product.

We offer boards of standard and non-standard forms:

ON THE IRON FOUNDATION. These signboards are recommended for low-budget promotional campaigns and when the intended service life of visual advertisement is not longer than 3 years. 

ON THE PLASTIC FOUNDATION. Visual advertisement on the plastic foundation has especially plane surface, serves long years and contributes to the creation of company prestige to a great extent.

ON THE TILT FOUNDATION. Visual advertisement on the tilt foundation is recommended for the production of promotional signboards of particularly big size or in case of short term advertising.

All methods of advertisement production are of high quality. The differentiation of their choice is carried out in order to optimise the expenses of our clients. For example, when preparing visual advertising, which has to be placed on high-up surfaces (e.g. on the walls of blocks of flats, high buildings), it is not necessary to use quite expensive plastic materials in its production process. The best choice in this case would be tilt or iron foundation.

We also produce ILLUMINATED plane advertisements by defining the most optimal power and the most convenient layout of lamps.

If you need a visual advertising, which is going to be displayed in the places without electricity supply (especially in the roadsides), we can offer a LIGHT-REFLECTING FILM. Lettering and images displayed on such an advertising foundation are well seen even at night. They reflect the light emitted by car lamps as do the road signs.  


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