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Advertising tilts


Advertising tilts are the best solution when large advertising signboards are necessary. Tilt is the material especially resistant to mechanical and climatic fluctuations.

We can offer graphic decoration with typical sticky film for short-term advertising actions. If you are planning long-term display of tilt advertisement, we suggest using a special film, which is resistant to deformation factors, i.e. the tilt decorated with such a film can be rolled up and rolled out as a carpet without fear of deformation.

If the advertisement includes exposition of photo image, you will not be disappointed as well. By using large format digital print machines, we will print photo images directly on the surfaces of the tilt.  Printing process includes the use of special colours, therefore, printed pictures are resistant to active effect of the sunlight – they are non-fading and moisture-proof.

Advertising agency Lagunta produces the following visual advertisements on the tilt:

SIMPLE ADVERTISING ON THE TILT. Graphic images fulfilled by using sticky film.

DIGITAL PRINT ON THE TILT. Photo images printed on the tilt.

When preparing advertising on the tilt for long-term display, we produce retaining frames or wall-structures.


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