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TRANSFERS (transfer screen printing)

There are „stickers“, which can be transferred on the textile by applying hot-treatment (using presses). The production is carried with „CHT  R.BEITLICH GMBH“ and “MANOUHIAN“ machines, which are working according to ISO 9001 standards, by using water-based (ecologically clean) colours and “WILFLEX“ plastisol colours.

The method of sticker production can be chosen according to the type of fabric (special materials and adhesives for volatile fabrics). This method allows using unlimited number of colours and special effects: gloss, embossing, particular elasticity, flock, glitter. We offer graphic and photo (CMYK) images. The advantages of this method include small elements of the drawing and that there is no blocking. The most popular use: instead of sewed labels – size transfers. Transfer screen printing can be applied, when the order consists of not less than 100 pieces.




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