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It is the transfer of lettering and colourful pictures onto the synthetic fabric. It can be usual flag cloth, sateen, taffeta, velour, etc. This method allows obtaining high quality pictures and colours. Sublimation is usually used for the screen printing of sportswear for teams as well as for the production of flags, curtains and banderoles.


Big format digital print on the textile is a state-of-the-art alternative for the decoration of modern interiors and exteriors. Due to the use of high quality dye-sublimation colours the printed photo image, drawing or logotype is resistant to atmospheric changes as well as the colours are UV and moisture resistant.

Production method

Digital sublimation print is a non-direct transfer of colour on the surfaces to be printed. First of all, special dye-sublimation colours are printed on the paper and then the print, being treated with certain temperature and pressure, is transferred on the textile, cardigan, knitted fabric or adhesive bonded synthetic or semi-synthetic material. This method of printing is distinguished by its higher quality, better expression and colourfulness in comparison with direct digital solvent print. Digital sublimation print does not require special preparation, i.e. colour separation, mould designing; therefore, this print is very economical and time saving. It is ecological print, because water-based colours, intended for sublimation print, are used for its production.

Fields of application (the use)

Digital sublimation print on the textile is a perfect solution for the decoration of windows and glass-cases, because only good figuration can highlight the advantages of the commodity and attract the look of the buyers.

National, advertising and branded flags are effective and investment-saving means of image formation. The logotype of the company always comes in view of people, and this allows obtaining excellent results. Without flags of the standard size we can produce little flags and banderols of different sizes and forms for table decoration. 

There is a tendency for casual paper posters, tilts and advertising boards to be more and more often replaced by mobile textile stands and signboards, which help to stand out against the crowd of the participants due to original design and high quality print.

Sublimation print has been more and more widely used for the promotional figuration of daily wear, sportswear, and fan attributes. Multicoloured logotypes, photo images, photographs, drawings or caricatures can be printed on T-shirts, caps, headscarfs, shawls.



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