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Thermal cutting of foam plastic

Thermal cutting of foam plastic

Foam plastic is a strong, light, ecological and resistant to atmospheric influence material. Foam plastic cutting is carried out using 3D cutting machine controlled by the computer. Foam plastic layers of different thickness can be cut quickly and precisely. The accuracy of cutting is 0.1 mm.

Maximum cutting parameters – 120 x 170 cm

Dimensions of foam plastic sheet – 120 x 60 cm.

Intended use:

Cutting of logotypes, letters, and various forms.

It includes different interior and exterior advertisements. The possibilities allow performing the order in a cheap, precise and prompt way. Cut out elements are coloured with the colour chosen by the client.






Architectural elements.

Cut out elements can be used for forming old and modern style building parapets, turrets, and architectural accents of banisters. The formation of columns and arches became popular and convenient in the interior. They are convenient to complement and to transport.



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