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Milling and engraving
Milling and engraving of plastic, organic glass, soft metals

We can carry out any project of the designer, because 3 D cutting and engraving tools are very precise (0.01 mm). It is possible to cut and engrave plastic, organic glass, wood, aluminum, acryl, dibond.

Intended use:

1. Cutting of logotypes, letters and various forms for advertising applications separately or from the background. By using the latter method, you can create unique illuminating effect.

2. Engraving of logotypes, letters and various forms on the chosen surfaces. It can be organic glass, dibond, etc. This creates even more possibilities for project fulfillment.

Film for advertising applications

It is very important to pay enough attention when choosing the most suitable film type from the whole range of FASCAL products, because "Avery Dennison" produces a very wide range of adhesive films: starting with long-term non-detachable film, which is resistant to bad weather conditions for ten years and concluding with easy detachable film for short-term information and advertising applications, which is resistant to weather conditions for three years. Moreover, there is FASCAL film of average durability and other special products developed in order to meet different needs of the user.  

Furthermore, each of these products meets the whole complex of applied special requirements. There are particular standards determined for each type of adhesive film and "Avery Dennison" guarantees that it is made in compliance with these standards.
FASCAL adhesive film is widely used for advertising applications on motor transport, trucks, for building signboards, the presentation of different types of information as well as short-term advertisements in exhibitions and elsewhere.






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